The Reviews Are In


Maggie’s ministrations to the body have a magical touch. Aches and pains dissolve meltringly under her healing hands.  

Molly Arons


Maggie is an excellent masseuse!  I would highly recommend her to anyone who has tried the rest, and wants the best!  She is hard- working and great at her job. I am impressed with her ability to address all ” the aches!”

Marianne F.


Wonderful Massage! Very intuitive therapist, she knew what areas needed extra work, and addressed it thoroughly.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!  

Michele Haight


 Maggie Ploener is a really great Therapist. I went to see her when I hurt my back playing golf. I was already much better after one session.  I saw her every week for several months.  My back is normal now, and my golf game is as good as it gets. 

Robert Stouffer


 The Cranio-sacral and hot rocks are amazing.  Also, I enjoyed the slow deep strokes and this has improved my posture and has helped my achy back.  

Mary Car


 Best massage I ever received. I went to her with shoulder and neck pain that I had for weeks. She worked on that area of my body and when I left I felt glorious! I have made another appointment to see her again. She takes her time and uses heavenly warm oils that feel marvelous

Lynn Ondreicka 


Best Massage ever!  I have had much relief on my injured shoulder, from Maggie’s massage.  

Jean Kelly



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